kitchen accessories cost / price - chennai

Corner Carrousel (CC-P28)  Rs. 5732/-

Corner "D" Tray (CDC-P27) Rs.5015

Kitchen Caddie (KCD24-10-5-600mm) Rs.1762/-

Kitchen Drawer Management System Drawer Trays (KDMS-DT90) 800mm 1645/-

Kitchen Glass Hanging Rack (KGHR-H) Rs.656/-

Kitchen Grain Drawer (KGD) 500mm Rs.5299/-

Kitchen Utensil Basket (RA-32-20-5 UB) 800mm Rs.3069/-

Pro Motion Drawer Series 3 & Accessories (PMDS3-55(i)) Rs.3492/-

Pull Out Waste Basin (POWB1-16) Rs.2870/-

Pro Motion Drawer Series 2 & Accessories (PMDS2-55(i) 500mm Rs.3441/-

Right Angle Basket Bottle Rack (RA21-24-6 BR) 530mm Rs.2998/-

Right Angle Basket Cup & Saucer (KL 15-18-4CS) 380mm Rs.1752/-

Right Angle Basket Cutlery (RA 19-24-4CT) Rs.4670/-

Right Angle Basket Partition (KL 15-18-4PR) Rs.1592/-

Right Angle Basket Plain (KL -15-18-6PL) Rs.1591/-

Right Angle Basket Plate (RA 21-24-6 PL) Rs.2651/-

Right Angle Basket Thali (RA 21-24-6 TH) Rs.2552/-

Sink Front Tray (SFT90) 900mm Rs.1205/-

Sink Out Waste Bin (SOWB1-5) grey Rs.864/-

Sink Out Waste Bin (SOWB2-13SS) Rs.3498/-

Pro Motion Drawer Series 3 & Accessories (PM3-P80(i)) 800mm Rs.1689/-


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