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The Interior Home Maintenance
interior maintenance tips

When a house is well-maintained, it becomes a home. Each and every house needs some sort of maintenance at some point of time. Proper maintenance of ht interior and exterior adds value and comfort to the house. The interior of the house is the place where people usually spend most of their time. This is why the interior is important and people hire interior designers to create the best interior designing solutions for their purposes. Homeowners also have to keep the house clean because it helps to prolong the life of fittings and building, which is an important part of home maintenance. In the case where some parts of the building or fittings are broken, it's best to repair them as soon as possible. Let's look at different aspects of home maintenance in more detail.

  • A main area of concern in home maintenance is the interior. The interior reflects vital about homeowners because it's the area which reflects their individual personality and preferences. The interior includes the living room, modular kitchen, bedrooms, study rooms, bathrooms, and all other areas which are indoors. In this sense, it should be safe and comfortable. Also, the interior is usually the part of the home which requires the most maintenance. Here's a short guide on interior maintenance.

  • How to Maintain?

  • Kitchen comes first when comes cleaning. You should have a routine cleaning process to maintain the modular kitchen as it is. Avoid squeezing citric fruits such as lemon which may leave stains in your granite. If it is acrylic top (corian counter top) then avoid keeping hot vessels over that. To avoid that, you can use hot plates which is available in all modular accessories stores. Floors, doors, windows, and other like fixtures should be properly cleaned, and maintained. It can be cleaned with using bath soap water or mild cleaning agents.Even the false ceiling should be cleaned, if not regularly, then at least once a month but don't use any sort of cleaning agents since paint color can get faded. So use mild shampoo if needed. Otherwise, dusting should be done daily to keep your house clean and healthy to live in. Try to choose furniture which is suitable for your requirements as well as keeping your wall color combination. Remember not to overdo anything. Light bulbs should be cleaned regularly and replaced from time to time. Efficient and green appliances should be installed in the home to promote sustainable housing . 
  •  Microwave Cleaning Shortcuts
  •  The quickest way to clean a microwave oven is to place a handful of wet paper towels inside and run it on High for 3-5 minutes. You don't need a science lesson to know that the steam from the towels will soften the grime. Once the paper towels cool down, use them to wipe the oven's interior.
     Amazing Home Problem Solver3. 
    To deodorize, combine 1 cup of water with ½ cup of lemon juice in a measuring cup or bowl and heat it on high for 3–5 minutes. Let it stand in the microwave for 5–10 minutes before removing.
    A Quick Coffee Pot Tip4. 
    The glass jug that comes with a coffeemaker can quickly develop a brown, blotchy haze – especially when you leave it on for long periods of time. For the quickest cure, you will need some ice, salt and a lemon. Fill the empty jug a quarter full of ice. Cut the lemon into quarters and squeeze two of the quarters into the jug. Add 2 tablespoons of salt. Swirl the mixture in the jug for 2 minutes and the inside surface will quickly come clean. Rinse under the tap.
    Clean a Cast-Iron Pan5. 
    Most cooks know that you should never use liquid soap on a cast-iron pan and never scrub it with anything abrasive if you want to maintain its well-oiled nonstick surface. So how do you clean it? Use salt. If the pan will not rinse clean with water and a soft dishcloth, rub it with a few tablespoons of salt and a paper towel, and rinse. Then replenish the oil film by coating the inside surface with a dab of cooking oil. 
    8. Deep clean and deodorize a waste disposal unit by grinding ice cubes made with half vinegar, half water. 
    9. Remove coffee stains from china cups by scrubbing them with equal parts vinegar and salt. There's not much we can do to completely prevent them from entering the building, but it would be nice to repel them from the kitchen…I prefer not to kill flies and other insects but, like anyone, I don't enjoy them buzzing around my food. So a tutorial over at wiki How on getting ride of house flies with cloves piqued my interest. Apparently house flies hate the odor and placing whole cloves near doorways and windows can turn them off from coming inside.
    Use baking soda paste for tough spots.If there's any cooked-on food residue that won't come off with the soap-and-water mixture, use this method: Make a paste from baking soda and water, then apply it to the tough spot. Give it about 20 minutes to sit, then scrub and rinse the burner.
    Exterior Maintenance

  • The home's exterior appearance is also very important. To protect the walls, high quality weatherproof paint should be applied. In this manner, the exterior is safe in all seasons, whether it's the scorching summer or the monsoon. To protect the home from rain and sun, proper maintenance of the roof is to be carried out. If there's any wear and tear, replace the parts immediately to prevent leaks.

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