Offer on Modular kitchen in Chennai

Get the taste of aesthetics and functionality together. Sai Decors brings you world-class Modular Kitchens that make cooking a pleasure. Stylish, smooth and affordable, these imported hardware ensure precision and consistency. A perfect blend of Look and utility, Sai Decors uses international quality raw materials and kitchen accessories imported from around-the-world.
Emphasizing on the need to reduce working nature, daily utility accessories provide easy access with lots of storage. Available in a variety of finishes and colours on the fronts, these easy-to-assemble-at-premises Modular Kitchens, backed by professional services, indeed spice up you life!.
Factory Made Modular Designer Kitchen- optimized by us to give you best possible space utilization as you desired
modular kitchen in chennai
Modular kitchen Chennai

We choose a set of baskets to maximise storage with minimum wastage of space.
single or Double basket pull out for Tall bottles- to neatly store oil, drinks and much more
Multi-purpose Pullout for Small Bottles / Masala Bottles- very useful for convenient storage of large variety of spices typically used in traditional Indian cooking,
Stainless Steel Pull-Out Baskets with Lifetime Warranty against rusting - Enhances hygiene and looks.
Sleek Half Round Vertical Edges ( Post Formed) or Membrane Shutters (For the Carved Wood Look - Complete with Depth and Contours) Choose the option you like.
Built in hob 4-Burners model makes your Kitchen Platform look more Elegant than ever before

 Floor and wall cabinets of optimum sizes - correctly placed to facilitate easy work flow- you will feel less tired.
Chimney - leading make with WARRANTY- Keeps your Kitchen Fresh and Pollution Free
Quality German Fittings | Make Your Kitchen Trouble Free
Wide Choice of Modular Kitchens
Create a unique Modular Kitchen designed to suit your needs in terms of Style and Functionality.
Chimney and Burner

Your Choice of 100% Waterproof Plywood or MDF (also called Compressed Wood the environment friendly alternative) with Acrylic solid surface (corian or countertop) Kitchen tops.
Wide choice of drawers, corner units, cutlery trays, tall units, roller shutters, lift up systems, handles, aluminium profiles, waste disposal systems and accessories- to suit your liking and budget.

modular kitchen Chennai


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