Alphanumeric table

This creative alphanumeric table was designed by Italian based Alessandro Canepa & Andrea Paulicelli.
It's easy and different table i am enjoying sharing with all my viewers
A new concept in modular furniture Alphan is a series of alphanumeric elements reproducing letters A-Z in lower and uppercase and numbers 0-9. The graphic, 3 dimensional ‘type’ becomes the protagonist of a new language in design which is both versatile and eclectic, allowing us to shape our environment in ever evolving and surprising ways.Produced in a small atelier outside of Milan under the supervision of quality team the tables are made from steel sheet with lacquered varnishing in white, black and red. Legs are in anodized aluminum and are height adjustable, allowing overlap of table surfaces.
Alphanumeric table Creative Alphanumeric Table Design by Alessandro Canepa & Andrea Paulicelli
Numeric table

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